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North Dakota Real Estate Commission Education Cycle

The North Dakota Real Estate Commission can choose to require each licensee to take a required course (or courses) up to a maximum of 6 hours each continuing education cycle.

Continuing education hours cannot be carried over from one CE cycle to the next. You are responsible for tracking your continuing education hours. The North Dakota Real Estate Commission requires CE hours for license renewal. Course sponsors are responsible for maintaining copies of CE slips for the courses they sponsor. As a service to its members, the NDAR maintains copies of CE slips of the classes sponsored by NDAR, some local boards, and some of the other sponsoring agencies. However, licensees bear the responsibility for tracking the total number of CE hours they have accrued and submitting proof of CE attendance to their Broker. Licensees may be audited on verification of CE by the North Dakota Real Estate Commission.

What are the continuing education requirements of a new licensee the first year?

Salespersons who have completed the 45 hours needed for pre-license education prior to January 1, 2021 must also complete a total of 15 hours of post-licensure education on any topics from approved CE courses within 12 months of the date they became licensed.

Those who have completed the 45-hour pre-licensure course have 2 years from the date of completion of their course to apply for a salesperson license.

While completing the 15 hours of post-licensure, new salesperson licensees are exempt from the 9 hours of continuing education. Beginning January 1, 2021, salespersons need 90 hours of pre-licensing education prior to licensure, but do not need 15 hours of post-licensure education. Salespersons who have completed the 90 hours of pre-licensing education and have been licensed in 2021 must complete 9 hours of CE to renew for 2022.